Orlando Florida home 60% commission rebate.

Home buyers are learning there are different options when it comes to full service real estate agents.  With the homes for sale and many resources available to consumers online the coveted MLS isn’t the highly secretive database it once was. This technology also benefits the agent and reduces their workload.  By being more efficient, agents are happy to offer savvy home buyers a home buyer rebate.

Our offer is simple, when you work with us and we represent you in a real estate transaction, we will give (rebate) 60% of our 3% of the commission to you.

Steps to your 60% Orlando existing home rebate:

  1. Use any method of Florida home search of your choice.  Some options maybe, online, drive by or open house.
  2. Narrow your home search and contact us.  View the home and we can assist with the offer.
  3. Receive your 1.8% home price rebate!  You can receive your rebate directly in the HUD closing documents or a check will given to you once the title companies check clears our bank, typically 2-3 days.  It is your choice.

Being a licensed broker in the state of Florida for over 25 years and transacting over $150 million, the rebate process has always been a key element to our business practice.  After analyzing some other non-related business strategies including some airlines pricing strategies, I thought I could apply the idea of offering the cheapest ticket possible then charging for optional services.  It is like the a la cart of the real estate industry.  If my buyer simply needs a broker to obtain the commission why not highly rebate the home buyer.  If the buyer wants to visit one or two homes why not highly rebate the buyer and have the buyer pay a small home entry fee.  If the same buyer wants us at closing why not highly rebate and have the buyer pay a closing fee.  You see most real estate buyers do not need much hand holding.  Frankly, we rather highly rebate and offer less traditional services.  If highly regulated companies like Option House or some airlines employ that methodology why not the real estate profession.

Including the complete 60% commission rebate:  We assist and promptly manage the contractual process.  We can negotiate with the seller’s agent.  We handle the traditional real estate contractual to closing process electronically.