We Rebate The Orlando New Home buyer 2.4% of the new home price!

We are the highest rebate company in Florida.  We have been sharing our commissions with the new home buyer for over 25 years. In fact, Orlando has been home to the Broker of Sun Atlantic Group for 25 years. If you are building new home, buying an investment property, or looking for the existing home of your dreams, why not use our rebate real estate services and save thousands! These days, when it comes to home buying, you’re doing more of the work. Over 90% of buyers use the internet to find a home. You have countless of sources to find homes on the internet. You see the price, the pictures, the features and the address’s so you can see the home. Our purpose is to work with the independent minded real estate buyer. Our buyers have a great local knowledge of real estate either through experience or obtaining a knowledge through many sources including the internet and by simply driving their desired area of interest. Many home buyers just happened not to have a real estate license that prevents them from receiving the 3% co-broke commission.  Our company will rebate 80% of our commission to the Orlando Florida real estate buyer.


The following rebate information is from United State department of Justices web site:


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“In purchases where buyer’s brokers are offered half of a 5% commission, they may compete on price by refunding a portion of their commission to the homebuyer. A 1% rebate on the median-priced home would save the homebuyer $1,843.”

Consumers can save thousands of dollars in commissions
DOJ Rebate Calculator

As you can tell rebating the Orlando Florida new home buyer is 100% legal and is warmly welcomed by the federal government.   ____________________________________________________________________

Our offer is simple, when you work with us and we represent you in a real estate transaction, we will give (rebate) 80% of our 3% of the commission to you.

orlando new home rebate home moneyBeing a licensed broker in the state of Florida for over 25 years and transacting over $150 million, the rebate process has always been a key element to our business practice. For many years we were generously rebating and offering traditional service. Recently most of my buyers wanted to forgo most of the Realtor’s traditional service in exchange for the highest rebate. There is no catch or contracts. Our Rebate Program is free and does not obligate you in any way. However, to participate, it does require that you register at the Builder’s sales office and identifying Sun Atlantic Group as the Participating Broker/Realtor. We make this easy by supplying you with a Rebate Certificate (intro. letter)to the builder. This demonstrates to the builder that you learned about their homes from our web site and that you are therefore eligible to receive the cash rebate.

$150,000 $3,600.00
$250,000 $6,000.00
$350,000 $8,400.00
$500,000 $12,000.00
$1,000,000 $24,000.00



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