COMMISSION REBATES are 100% legal in Florida. The cost of acquiring the home is lowered by this amount. Business models such as ours are praised by the United States Department of Justice for lowering the cost of home ownership. We are functioning legally and morally and the consumer is the beneficiary.

This quote is directly from the United States Department of Justice site:
How do rebates benefit consumers?

Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction…

New Home Rebate calculator.

Please visit the United States Department of Justice site for additional rebate information.  click here

 Calculate your savings!

Use the DOJ rebate calculator.



Just Follow These Steps – It’s that Easy…

  1. Review the rebate terms of our brokerage services.
  2. Find your favorite new Florida home online, open house or drive by.


  3. Contact us.
  4. Print Rebate/Introduction Letter (Business Card Info) and take with you to register Sun Atlantic Group as your Realtor on your first visit to New Home Builder. In most cases we will call the new home sales agent and give them the heads up that you will be coming and that should complete the registration  process. You must fill out one certificate per sales community even if it’s the same builder so make a few copies of this certificate if you are going to several builders or have our company call ahead to each sales office.
  5. You can receive your rebate directly in the HUD closing documents or a check will given to you once the title companies check clears our bank, typically 2-3 days.  It is your choice.

Rebate Qualification Guidelines: Rebates may be applied to loan closing costs or taken as a check after closing and funding. Buyers must be represented by Florida Atlantic Group and your rebate is a portion of the sales commission earned by Sun Atlantic Group, Realtor. Rebate offer is based on 3% commission to be paid by builder. We will rebate 80% of the dollar amount that we receive from the builder.  It could be lessor or greater than 3%. If the builder offers cash incentives for the Realtor and/or bonuses greater than the typical 3% then you will receive the greater proportional amount of commissions.  Rebates are only available in Florida and only with builders who do not require a Realtor’s to be present on first visit. You must register Sun Atlantic Group as your Realtor on your first visit to the Builder. Failure to register us as your Realtor on your first visit, may result in lost commission and lost rebate.

Florida New Home Areas We Serve

Below is a list of cities in Florida. Click on the city to visit the official website. Each city website offers valuable information for residents, resources for visitors, online services, calendar events, important city-related updates and more.